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  • Well, I'm here to help with that. A lot of changes that has been made to the game, especially specific levels and such do often get changed based on what players write here in the forum. So if you have a specific topic, please make a constructive discussion thread about it - or if you have an idea that you'd like to share,…
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  • Perhaps this is something farmers would like to know more about? 🤔💭 @encantes @Lady_Choo @PummyRaj
  • Hey there! The reason I linked the video was because of the previous text saying "I am at level 4218 and I have never ever felt so much objection from the random generator to get any further." - apologies if there was a misunderstanding there though! As for the levels, while some have randomized elements in how things…
  • Thank you for the clarification, it should be fixed for you now!
  • Just wanted to jump in here and say that we don't really have a plan to actively make the game more difficult for players. Making new levels with new events and features carries a balance where sometimes levels and systems are updated. However, we always look out for feedback on specific levels as well in case something…
  • Hey there @TLO_1! While it is appreciated that players leave feedback for the games so that we can continue to improve them, calling people out to get them to stop playing games here isn't really what we're about. If you have specific or constructive feedback that we can send to the studio however, please let us know!
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  • Hi there! Thank you for the feedback. If you can tell us which level you're playing, there are a bunch of helpful people here on the forum that perhaps can help you! You can also check out this YouTube channel to see guides on some levels as well.
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  • Hi there, Looking at the account connected to your community profile I see that a reward has been sent! If you have a different Player ID, please let us know what it is so we can fix it for you.
  • Hey there @JetKuil-Snaterse! Thank you for reaching out and sharing your detailed experience. We’re sorry to hear that you’re facing these challenges. The goal isn't to make the impossible for any player, so it's unfortunate to hear that it's how its feeling for you right now. We're always looking to improve the game and…
  • Hey, and boy do I wish there was! There isn't right now, but if there ever is any - I'll definitely share this with the rest of the community. 🤩 I wonder perhaps if a skilled person in the community could make one… Almost makes me want to try myself!

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