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Tuft8855Tuft8855 Posts: 8 Level 2

I think it’s time to leave Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

I had to delete and download the game (which wasn’t the games fault). But when I opened the game using the same email (I had saved my progress) I lost about 150 levels. I went from about level 650 back to 500.

Now I’m having to complete some of the levels again and I’m stuck on level 572 and I’ve used about 200 lives trying to complete it. I’m fed up with the game. It’s time to play something else I think.


  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 28,773 Game Expert

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    Don't worry! You can check to read and follow these troubleshooting steps of this problem. (This solve discussion by Community Team.) (Any Device) 😉

    So click here to read to follow these troubleshooting steps of this problem that I hope this helps and you can back to your current level on this game! 😉

    If it's still not worked by Save Current Level Steps, you can click on "Contact Us" on bottom of the page then select "Problems with my Game" and then "Game didn't save" and finally you ask a problem and send Game ID (but use Game ID with phone as well and How to find your Game ID) that I hope they will help you but it taken longer.

    If you want to win gold bars on this game, you can click here to join and answer on this game's contests that you can chance to win gold bars. 😊

    Have a nice and safety day! 😊

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