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Is there is an up to date list of levels?

SyntaxTerrorSyntaxTerror Posts: 29 Level 2


I am the creator of Alphabetty Saga Wikia in French (alphabettysaga.fandom com/fr), and an administrator on the English version (alphabettysaga.fandom com), and I am wondering if an up to date list of the levels exist somewhere (with the level type, requirements, number of moves, blockers, etc.) ?

It would be very helpfull tu update the wikis, that are full of errors due to the changes in versions. With such a list, I could make a summary table and create individual articles for each level.

By the way, I am wondering if the levels have the same requirements for every language, or if there is a formula to calculate from one to another ?

I saw on https://community.king.com/en/alphabetty-saga/discussion/255781/level-919/p1 that @abe_coffee seem to have a list of the scores by date, and he also made many level helps. It would be nice if we could share info (I have dozens of HD screenshots).



  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 1,953 Level 5

    hi @SyntaxTerror

    welcome to the community

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    I would love to exchange ABS info

    let us start here ... there are Level Tips for over 750 of 920 levels ---> here ... open in a new tab or a new window

    some levels have screenshots ... see my signature ... see Spoiler

    the numbers of moves were last updated May 2019 ... and may be 100% up to date(ABS is in maintenance mode)

    🍮 🍮  

    if you have a website I will ask for permission to send you MANY screenshots .... or you may be able to add them to wiki

    🍮 🍮  

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  • SyntaxTerrorSyntaxTerror Posts: 29 Level 2

    Hello abe_coffee

    Firstly, I don't seem to have the rights yet to post URLs, so just add a dot before the "com" of my links to access them.

    What I am looking for is more of a table or list containing all levels' caracteristics (the best would be a CSV file) so I could make edits in bulk.

    Actually, I already sent a request for this to King.com, but I'm afraid that it will probably no be answered.

    I am well versed in wikicode and already had designed the list of levels table ( alphabettysaga.fandom com/fr/wiki/Liste_des_niveaux & alphabettysaga.fandom com/wiki/Levels ), as well as infoboxes for levels (have a look at the next version I'm going to implement when I'll have updated the levels: alphabettysaga.fandom com/fr/wiki/Modèle:Infobox_N )

    Here is for example this infobox with the code for a "word frenzy" level (in the rectangle at the top of the pic) that displays the infobox and the text on the left. As you can see, I just need the parameters (number of words and their lenght, number of moves, blockers) and a pic correctly named (e.g. Niveau 47.png) and most of the informations are displayed. I'm also going to make templates that will display the strategies common to each level type underneath that.

    So what I really need is a list, not really individual forum threads like you did (even if you seem to have already done an amazing job!).

    I think that you should become an administrator on the English version of the wiki (and eventually learn French to do the same on the French version 😜), but unfortunately, I am only an administrator and not a bureaucrat (the ones that can grand user rights on wikis), so we would have to ask DoCheonGong, the bureaucrat of the English version (he didn't contribute recently so I don't know if he's reachable).

    Your knowledge of the game would be a wonderful asset to the wikis, as well as the pictures you may provide.

    Concerning these pics, I am wondering if the English and French versions use the same caracteristics for levels, or if they are different depending on the language.

    Anyway, please send me a PM so we could share emails and see what pics of the game we could send each other.

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