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📮 Pyramid Suggestion Box

Lola_Pop Posts: 11,804 Community Manager
edited November 24 in Discussions

Dear Adventurers,

We know you love Helena, Kingsley, their adventures, their magic scarabs and their challenges. That’s why we’d like to give YOU a chance to give us your suggestions to make the game even better!

And to inspire you…

Some of the topics you might want to mention:

♠️ Blockers & Boosters

♠️Game Modes

♠️ Features

♠️ Events

♠️ New characters 

♠️ Music and sound effects

♠️ Ways to play with your friends

♠️ Bundles, offers and articles you’d like to see in the shop

Last but not least, some tips:

♣️Be specific- give us as many details as you can, so we can understand what you’d like to see in the game and why!

♣️ Be realistic, but bold- dream big! Maybe an “impossible” idea sparks another that is doable!

♣️Imagine yourself playing the game with your improvements, and describe how it feels

And now, it's YOUR turn! We'll be awaiting your ideas and suggestions!



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