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🦸‍♀️Queens of the Kingdom: Adventurers Unscramble! (FINISHED)

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Hey Adventurers!

Here’s Helena!

I want to celebrate this Women’s month of March with y’all. How? With an amazing word unscramble contest. The topic? Great female adventurers!

Here are the scrambled names of some of the greatest female adventurers:

1.- trHarie Csralhme dasmA

2.- Luraa kekerD

3.- iamleA traEarh

4.- aaarbrB ryalilH

5.- arMy tateirenH leyingKs

6.- esNs thigKn

7.- htezabEil hraaS Mlleiczhua

8.- Ysén xíMea

9.- yFnna kcoulBl Wnamork

10.- vieactO Cuaerduo

Can you discover who they are? We'll choose 3 winners among the ones who commented using the spoiler feature and they'll get 20 Gold Bars to spend in Pyramid Solitaire Saga! Discover an adventurer at a time to let more players join the contest and have more chances for the Gold!!

Good luck and...girl power!!

You have until Tuesday, 31st of March, 13:00 CET to participate.

Terms and Conditions here

💜 Please visit this to learn more on how we're celebrating the Women's Month in the whole Community!!💜



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