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parrish71 Newbie


  • I can't play it anymore. It won't open. All it does is crash. If I have to uninstall it to get it to work, I'm not going to reinstall it. I'm sick of losing all of my boosters and mail every time the game decides not to work... which seems to be more and more often lately.
  • So... I tried uninstalling and reinstalling as suggested. Not only did I lose my boosters and mail as expected, but I've lost ALL of my progress. When I started experiencing problems I was only a few episodes away from the top level. Now I'm at level one. Screw this game. I'm not spending all of my time replaying thousands…
  • I play it on my which is an Android. It's been crashing for several days. Since the last update, in fact. So, obviously, there are some problems there.
  • I was stuck at level 198 for several days. The update brought me up to episode 207, but I was well past that one as well.

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