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Offensive Username



  • NatalieG
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    Thanks for understanding!

    I understand that some people outside the US might not know a lot about these usernames, letters, slang, derivatives and /or pseudonyms regarding African Americans/Blacks. Every Country has their own racist people, slang, derivatives and/or pseudonyms to deal with. I know there are plenty of this sort of behavior outside the US, because these racist advertise there numbers here in the US. The Countries outside the US derivative of the kkk is skinheads, we have skinheads in the US as well, they supposedly are the replacement for the kkk in the US, but believe me when I say the kkk still exists here.

    I am glad you understand the meaning of these letters. I was taught what these letters meant at a very young age! Not in school, but at home. Have you ever heard of a Civil Rights Leader by the name Megar Evers or a 14 year old boy named Emmett Till? Google these two people and you will understand even more about what these three letters mean! Megar Evers was assassinated by byron de la beckwith, he was shot in his back, getting out of his car. Emmett Till was lynched for supposedly insulting a white woman. These are just two instances of what the kkk did in the US. There are many, many more cases just like this. It took 31 years to finally get a conviction in Megar Evers case and Emmett Till never got justice.

    Like I said these are just two examples/instances of what the kkk is capable of.

    I am sorry you keep getting exposed to this racist, bigotry and hatred. I wish more could be done to stop this from happening here. It truly is upsetting to me to see it and have to explain it. It's exposing you to bigotry and racist behavior.

  • holliedolly2002
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    @NatalieG and @Nikolaos_Prodromidis Thank you Nikolaos for acting upon this. @NatalieG I hope you are okay as I know how much this terrible behaviour upsets you. Hopefully now that the matter has been reported they can investigate and find the person responsible for causing you so much distress. Please try not to dwell on it this person does not deserve one minute of your thoughts, and I know that everyone within this community holds you in high regard and will all be wanting the same outcome as you. We want to keep the game safe and fun to play nobody should be feeling like this as a result of a game. Keeping everything crossed that the Mods/Studio/King get to the bottom of this.

  • NatalieG
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    Thanks for understanding and support!

    There are times where I wish I could live in a Country where racially abusive words were a crime! But I am proud to live in the US. I am also a proud African American/ Black! As I said before I was taught what to look out for at a very young age and I navigated life because I was aware of the dangers. Those same things are taught to our children and grandchildren today. Just as a police used their badges back then, they still use them today to do kkk activities in Black Lives Matters. It's still the same game of the kkk, it just changed a little and they try to disguise it somewhat. But for us as African Americans/Blacks, it's still the same. I know you have to make the best out of every hand you're dealt, so that is what I do. You don't cry over spilled milk, you wipe it up.

    I did contact Support about this as well. I asked for the return of the 49 gold bars that I just used to play 24hr because I just couldn't keep playing, I wanted nothing to do with RC. I was answered promptly and will give them more feedback today, but here below is what they said:

    Hi Natalie, Thank you for your reply.

     I appreciate the screenshot, it is very useful.

     We are always monitoring these types of situations as we want all of our players to have a great experience while playing, we take reports of offensive avatars and usernames in our games extremely seriously. Whenever anyone reports offensive content we review the content and if it breaches our terms we take steps to remove it.

    I understand that you wanted a refund for the 49 gold bars, we usually do not compensate for this as there was no error on the championship however I know that you are a dedicated player, therefore I've added them again.

     If you need anything else please let us know, have a sweet day Natalie! 🍭 

     In a moment, you’ll have the chance to rate our conversation – it would be amazing if you could share your experience with us! 

    Kind regards,


    King Player Support

    It is like they are winning by stopping me from playing, thanks for reminding me of this even though I knew it as well. When I reply to Support I will tell them to take the 49 gold bars back, because I will not let these vile people stop me from doing/playing something I love doing! I will post my reply to Support once I finish it. Thanks for reminding me who I am!

  • NatalieG
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    Below is my response to Support:


    I am glad to hear that you take this seriously. As I stated in the original post to you that this happens way too often. Offensive usernames happens a lot in Royal Championship. I know that you work diligently to try and stop this when reported, but isn't there something you can do to prevent it? I know that there are plenty of ways to connect in order for players to play Royal Championship without connecting to Facebook, which is how I connect to play all your games, therefore while connecting with Facebook I could never use these offensive names. Yet, with a King account, someone can use such bigotry and offensive usernames. Every time I see or encounter such a name, it takes my breath away. Never did I believe a game I love to play would I encounter such racism. Royal Championship is my ALL TIME favorite game to play, I always spend 49 gold bars to play 24hr and buy plenty of gold bars in order to do so. Players often wonder why I spend 49 gold bars to only win 15 gold bars, and that's only if you come in first on your leaderboard. My answer always is "I love playing Royal Championship!" Now that has diminished for me. 

    There are plenty of online bigotry, hatred and racist sites, but I choose not to visit such sites. So, why should I encounter them on a family friendly game? 

    Someone in the Royal Community just reminded me who I am. I will not let someone like this stop me from doing something I love doing/playing. Please take back those 49 gold bars you refunded me. I appreciate you giving them back to me even though it was not an error, so please take them back. I will continue to be a dedicated player of Royal Championship.

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
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    @NatalieG, @holliedolly2002, I think that they are going to find them and ban them!

    I am not sure if this is going to be soon or not! But they are going to find them!

    Natalie, don't let them to disappoint you and affect the way you play the game that you like!

    You are absolutely right when you say that you do not let someone like this to stop you from doing something you love!

    You and all of us will continue be dedicated players of R.C!

  • NatalieG
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    I won't let them take something from me that I love. They have already taken enough from my race!

    I love the support from this Community and I thank all of you! And thank you for always being there for me!


    Thank you for always being there for me! You are the true definition of a friend. I won't let them take this away from me because if I do, they win and thank you for reminding me of this. I won't let them win anymore!

  • NatalieG
    NatalieG Posts: 628 Pro Player 👑

    Guess who's back, only this time it's a male photo

    I hope Support finds this user!

  • MooMooKD
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  • GiantsLass
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    Seeing a lot of this lately.

    Why do people use swear words and profile pictures like this and how are they allowed to do it

    Vulgar and unnecessary

  • NatalieG
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    I agree with you! This is unbelievable that people use this kind of language in a game that some children play. I will tag a Moderator so this can be reported to Support. The next time you see something like this tag the Moderator I will tag in this post.


    Please report this to Support.

    Thank you!

    Also, did I just play you as Nikola?

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