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(FINISHED) Diggy's World Trip continues!! 🌏



  • DeepshikhaSharan
    DeepshikhaSharan Posts: 2,676 Level 5

    He is writing from Nairobi, Kenya

  • Popower
    Popower Posts: 51 Level 2
    Thanks so much for tagging me @lim. The answer is Nairobi
  • debrichmond
    debrichmond Posts: 5,777 Level 5
    What a wonderful place Diggy has traveled to.  I wish I was with him in

  • muhamad10
    muhamad10 Posts: 8 Level 2
    Diggy is is in Hanoi, 🇻🇳 
  • candiswilliams
    candiswilliams Posts: 2 Level 2
    edited March 2020
    I love this game
    The best game ever
    Can anyone help me with gold bars
    Is their a way to get bars
    I need help
  • debrichmond
    debrichmond Posts: 5,777 Level 5
    edited February 2020

    Welcome to our community forum  @candiswilliams .  It's great to see you here.  There are many other threads that you can post in, too.  This is a game, and your multiple posts are not on topic.

    I suggest you start by clicking on the Community tab at the top of this page ⬆️ to learn more about the forums and how to earn points and badges.  There usually a community wide contest going on, too.  Being involved and active is part of the fun of being in the community. 

    You should also look around the different game forums where you can post questions about your specific games, and find other helpful information and CONTESTS.  Use the Games tab above to get to them.   ⬆️

    We love this Community and we hope you do too.  🌞😁☀️

  • Glenn1972
    Glenn1972 Posts: 16,642 Pro Player 👑
    Hi @candiswilliams , I see that you are enjoying yourself and we want you to, but please remember that this thread topic is only for comments of "Diggy's World Trip continues!!" a game that where you start reading page 1 carefully and keep reading until the end. It will ask you several questions along the way at which time you may comment here. I invite you to join in!!

    If you are looking for other contests to Gold Bars and more try here !! 

    Enjoy the community!!

  • Nancy31
    Nancy31 Posts: 179 Level 3
  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 117,065 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    I will tagging active players again as I think they haven't received their tags on their notifications to join this contest : 
    @AbhinavSargar, @lilac68, @TaniaSloan, @stan1981, @lulu13, @yukibear, @Flanje, @donnakessler, @debrichmond, @Maria_Colella, @Yosca, @KENTFIELDER, @lcalloway82, @Jasmina, @ArmyArms, @GranBarb, @sam_123, @ZoricaPanda, @SarLou, @JulesAg, @TrishaRobbeCandy, @firebombmarkus, @frenioz00, @Spinnifix, @Mmmkingfan, @MataiceAlison, @AShadow, @Sofia1992, @Julie_Andrews, @Mahiveche, @Elsa, @imabearnut, @destiny3, @JoJo333, @ivy2020, @FaRayha, @Mim_, @TheRevenger, @the_revenger, @siti_payung, @Sukanta_Biswas, @BeckyBubblegum, @Deryck, @christine88, @encantes, @caambuj, @DeepshikhaSharan, @Sharon_Loose, @LauraLMason, @Yosca, @piaandersson, @Acv, @Mangai, @Simon888, @Swimming, @Fakhri, @Scooterpie, @wozziewoo, @Sammyjo, @sakura, @SagaR, @DoubleB423, @popower, @AlexisM59, @cloeynorg, @RobinCorte , @samm_kml, @foxyfox, @Betts, @Mattia_, @Glenn1972, @stramonium, @caambuj, @Lucas_Yan_Maia, @SabrinaM, @Foley1362, @johamilton, @mysticalmysty, @Sukanta_Biswas, @kiara_wael, @Werner_Cichy, @stan1981, @Nck, @Nat09, @SeraphicStar, @bearwithme, @kaiser1618, @Rancid, @paul5473, @abe_coffee, @Crimson_Dawn, @LizzyLemondrop, @wafercookieflippers, @mercerik, @Chicken_Slayer, @MiaChristine, @candycrushinit, @flew66, @BQN537, @Special_K369, @gr33n3y3z, @PummyRaj, @STOKEDER, @slidey and @satnam, @ShannaSkywolf, @SugarDonuts, @Mattia_ , @kingcrushinit, @Mistyfan, @Albert_Heinrich, @popower, @Pocahontas1, @pompamandy83, @Albert_Heinrich, @richcastle, @Byrd59, @QueenReineer and @LatishaWillyard 👋

    Can you find Diggy out writing this another letter on where another city (2nd city) again and have you received your tag on your notifications? 🤔

    Good luck for finding and have a nice day! 😊
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