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(Ended) 🐭 AlphaBetty Saga Quiz

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 6,559 Community Manager
edited July 3 in General

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Time for a small quiz about the game of the month! What do you know about AlphaBetty Saga?

Answer the five questions below and get the chance to win Gold Bars!

1 How many levels does the game have today?

A 920

B 1020

C 2020

2 Who is the AlphaBetty Game Expert in the Community?

A @abe_coffee

B @Lim

C @Lola_Pop

3 Who is this?

A Professor Alpha

B Doctor Zed

C Kingsley

4 How many languages can the game be played in?


B 6

C 13

5 Which of the following languages can AlphaBetty Saga NOT be played in?

A Catalan

B Greek

C Romanian

If you don't know all the answers or are a bit unsure, you can find all you need to know in the Game of the Month pages here.

Three players that answered all five questions correct will win 10 Gold Bars each. The Gold Bars are added to the game of your choice, but if you choose AlphaBetty Saga, we’ll give out 50 Gold Bars instead!

Good luck!

You have until Friday 3 July 2020 09.00 CET to participate and you’ll find terms and conditions here.



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