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👑 The Kingdom Games - Vote for our King Champion! The Grand Finale!(ENDED)!

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Time flies...and we've already arrived to the Grand Finale in the Kingdom Games!

🏋️ The Semi Final (you can see it HERE) left us with Yeti and Amelia still in the running to become our first King Champion

🤸 The moment has come to support your all-time favorite character!

Who will become our first King Champion? Ready? 1, 2, 3 Vote for your favorite below! 👇

3 lucky winners will be randomly picked among those who voted and commented and receive 30 Gold Bars each in the game of your choice...and all players who vote in this Finale will get the King Games Badge!!

🌱 How to participate?

  • Select your favorite character and submit your vote at the bottom at this page.
  • Comment below to let us know why they are your favorite!

👉 Remember to comment - Our heroes need your good words! No comment, no chance to win! 

To the Polls everyone and may the best win 🤗

You have until Friday 7th of August, 12pm CET to participate.

Terms and Conditions here.

👑 The Kingdom Games - Vote for our King Champion! The Grand Finale!(ENDED)! 377 votes

Germano_Julie_AndrewsSharon_LooseElsaMary_KayWerner_CichySukanta_BiswasFreddy_FalknerSH_LeeSusan_SusanFakhruddin-2QueenMiaFarah_RedDiamond LimMightyWolfkiara_waelEvan_LeiGlenn1972Yorben_Goereefirebombmarkus 256 votes
QueenBPummyRajEllen_KoxPattyG1966Jessie_BaileyChris_PalladinoCorita_WebberSabrinaMimabearnutwafercookieflippersbearwithmeWaidaOsamaososencantesgrandmamary1julyahnamcbraxaPitty_KittyMountainMomMartaPmohamedabdelsalam10 121 votes

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