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📢 Calling All User 📢: The New Road to a Community Legend

BlueberryCupcakeBlueberryCupcake Posts: 678 Level 4
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Hello Everyone

The road to a community legend has updated!

You can check it out here

Do you like the new change or do you like the old one better?

📢 Calling All User 📢: The New Road to a Community Legend 42 votes

I Like the New Changes!
Sharon_LooseCarlitaAlfonsoDiamond LimMightyWolfSpinnifixNat09[Deleted User]teresawallace44hechicerillaShilviya18littlemissmim08JoJo75durhammaryjane117Priyacandynguyenanhduy1591999carodiloW35GamerjellyjeanS_u_n_s_h_i_n_eranathunga 20 votes
I Like the Old One Better...
Mary_KayWerner_Cichyomkarg[Deleted User]bearwithmeTimhunglemcblFluzzardsiti_payungheadoperationsMountainMomlilikoikisseslhalhaDieOmimiNikolaosProdromidisAnahita_2005BubbleGumSodaBlueberryCupcakeGreymanefabke 22 votes

I’m a 19-year-old female (with high functioning autism)



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