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What's your favorite King animal?

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 7,199 Community Manager
edited April 12 in Players' Corner

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Hello King-tastic crew!

In April, we celebrate some of the most pet-tastic holidays of the whole year: starting with the National Siamese Cat Day on the 6th, the National Hug your Dog Day (my favorite!) on the 10th; of course the National Pet Day on the 11th; we also have the National Cat Lady Day on the 19th (that's most likely our @Crazy Cat Lad 's favorite!); and the month ends with the Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and the National Therapy Animal Day on the 30th.

Moreover, there's the Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week from the 18th to the 24th, and this week: the National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week!

What can we do in the Community?

There's a bunch of things to do during the Animal Love Month in the Community:

🐱 Join our Celebrating your Pets Contest in the Pet Rescue Saga Community!

🐶 Participate in our Lovely Pets Contest in the Candy Crush Friends Saga Community!

🐇 Read our Hub Mod @Elsa 's story about National Farm Day HERE

🦓 Open a thread in the Players' Corner to tell us how you're helping the animals in your own way: volunteering in a shelter, adopting a pet, helping stray cats...?

But first of all: will you vote for your favorite Animal in the Kingdom?

Don't forget to tell us what you like best about them commenting here below! 🤗

What's your favorite King animal? 88 votes

Cats like Nero or Tabby
Crazy Cat LadFilly_McBeanSharon_LooseLorna_DruschkeMightyWolfchristine88siti_payungPrettyBubblesBooksterMicheleHoggteresawallace44santo_chris97shondamaeNikolaosProdromidisCats4CazMollyMollsGreymanebekicrushergreddycandycrisaniya 32 votes
Dogs like Hunter, Dachs,...
bearwithmegr33n3y3z[Deleted User]MountainMomme6412rajdeeptbIffu2David5023BubbleGumSodafabkenguyenanhduy1591999GlenysBCassDNwosuDeadBlueRoseking12521622064Min_amtinytara1970dropper1973 19 votes
Birds like Charlie
Diamond LimPrincess_lovelyPriyacandyfroogalAllouna76spoat 6 votes
Rabbits like the Red Rabbit
Werner_CichyAndres-2Nat0942552619laleycarmenechevarria1509hk1547Gg67RZaaymanChakirah 10 votes
Bees like Blossom
DieOmimiAlizakhanMalikAqibbrethelLuigi1 5 votes
Chicks like Choo
Deborahcook7 1 vote
Raccoons like Rancid or Rachel
ElsawykoonJoe_BenarrochMarkyTobiCFMenger95 5 votes
Goats like Darwin
Spinnifixistuffdonny2727 3 votes
Any other option!
FluzzardhechicerillaMarriam1rebelchildN8BitdeadlykittyXx_RW97_xX 7 votes

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