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Member of the Month-April 2021: Pitty_Kitty

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 7,567 Community Manager

For the month of April, our Community Managers and Game Mods have decided the Member of the Month is...drum roll pleeeeaseeee...the one and only...


✨👏👏👏 Congratulations!! 🏆🥇👏👏👏

Our @Pitty_Kitty is a member of our Community, always friendly, patient and fun- a great friend for everybody!  

You deserve the Member of the Month badge, a permanent entry in the Community Hall of Fame and awarded you with 200 Gold Bars to your favorite game.

🎤 Would you like to know more about our brand new Member of the Month? Let's pass the mic to her!

💫What's your best memory with King games? And on the Community?

I won all the Game of the Month challenges for Papa Pear Saga. In 2 of them I was randomly chosen and I won the third one because surprisingly I achieved the highest score in light-the-buckets- type of level. The score meter went crazy and went beyond 14 million points. I still wonder how; I wasn’t trying to make that happen because I’m not great in competitions about score goals. I was over the moon. And rich too 😏.

💫Do you have any expectations from the Community?

I don’t think I have any in particular. Well, since I brought up the Game of the Month, maybe one day the rest of the games will be able to get their chance and the set will be complete. I don’t really mind how things go now, a month still gets an interesting theme and activities about the chosen topic.

💫What do you like the most about our Community?

I like the community for being a place where the members are friendly, funny, helpful to each other and give feedback about the game. I’m really satisfied when an idea gets considered and then implemented.

💫If you could change anything about King (games, community, etc), what would it be?

One of the ideas I care a lot about is the level search bar on the King games (except FHS, definitely a king among King games). As you probably know, it’ll help many players who have a serious issue with scrolling. Also, it’ll save time.

I know most Game Studios are aware of this wish/working on it and since I read there will be discussions and activities in the community about accessibility in games, hopefully there will be a chance to get some updates.

💫How did you find the Community?

Ah, well. A change suddenly happened in CCS. The possibility of resetting the board and not losing Build a Bot boosters and lives was removed. Before that, I could learn what that sneaky board had up its sleeve before playing and optimize the use of my boosters. It was free real estate 😆.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but I wanted to know what was happening, so I found the community. In the end I stayed to find out more what the Game Studio had in store for us, help other fellow players and eventually visit other communities.

💫Anything else you'd like to share?

Thank you for this nomination, I’m humbled by it. And thank you everybody in the community for bearing with me, lol. After all, I’m here because I have a great time. I found the community because I liked a game and now I play games and sometimes help around and share memes because I like the community and people there. (And badges too, let’s be honest. 😆). I celebrated my first anniversary a while back and hopefully there will be more to come.

Thank you for this amazing interview, @Pitty_Kitty , and for being such a great Community member!

And now, get ready for a wave of love coming your way! 👇️

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