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Please vote for your favorite picture!

ElsaElsa Posts: 33,384 Community Hub Moderator

One day as Elsa is walking through the Player's Corner she bumps into Olivia and @Lola_Pop who are chatting about the new Art Nook: King Fanart! Elsa comes up with an idea to have Olivia start some art classes. Olivia takes Elsa up on that offer and that's how the new story begins ...... Olivia teaches her friends how to paint. Much to their surprise Elsa and Lola_Pop love what they all created. But here is the problem. We need you to vote for your favorite picture by choosing one of the names listed below.

The characters were asked to paint a picture of someone who they love or something that they love and here are the results.

Now it's time for you to decide which is your favorite.

Please vote for your favorite picture! 71 votes

Kimmy loves her younger sister Tiffi
CarlitaAlfonsoNix66Iffu2Suzanne_Melarwen777MATAR_VOSTEROS 6 votes
Jelly Queen loves her jelly but really loves herself more
Freddy_DieOmimiKate3Amumyforever_33 4 votes
Jenny loves her Uncle Yeti and was so happy that she was able to get him away from Jelly Queen
MicheleHoggMollySCats4Cazcarmenechevarriamaryjane117ranathunga 6 votes
Rachel loves her husband and their pets
Sukanta_BiswasDiamond LimbearwithmeNat09Lola_PopwykoonMollyMollsBubbleGumSodaabdallhalitinytara1970 10 votes
Tiffi loves her older sister Kimmy
NwosuEnellg 2 votes
Red Rabbit loves this cute rabbit who he met when they were both chewing on some carrots
SpinnifixBassin12teresawallace44santo_chris97smokingcatDGenevievennarkisfabkeCassDAlienscarS_u_n_s_h_i_n_eItsAnnettePGS210 13 votes
Yeti loves his chocolate - need I say more!
Merx_GonzalezMightyWolfGlenn1972jeanpssiti_payungPrettyBubblesistuffMountainMomrajdeeptbShilviya18[Deleted User]GreymaneJoJo75durhamlilmamachrislong34PriyacandyGlenysBLady_SarinaMonroeHAllouna76greddycandy 25 votes
Chewy loves his father and is so happy that he found him again
gr33n3y3zNikolaosProdromidisrebelchildshafer223Joey_YouTube 5 votes

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