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🖼 Take photos of King's Magic 🎨 (ENDED)

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Tiffi is walking around the Community and she follows the smell of pancakes coming from the Hub. As she reaches the area, she sees @wykoon holding her mobile phone and placing it above a plate of pancakes. "click click click" as I capture it.

"What are you doing wykoon?", asks Tiffi.

"Hey Tiffi, do you like this picture that I took of these pancakes decorated with banana slices and what do you think it looks like, err other than pancakes and bananas?" I ask Tiffi.

Tiffi is thinking hard... She gives up!

"wykoon, I seriously have no idea,” Tiffi says. “What is it?".

"I was making these pancakes for my breakfast this morning and going to have it with some bananas. As I was slicing the bananas and started assembling them in semi circular line, a King character* popped up in my mind and immediately snapshot it for our next art challenge!". I giggled as I tell Tiffi.

"Haha, that's silly but it sure looks cool! May I have some of those pancakes now? I'm super hungry" says Tiff. I laugh at Tiffi and we started eating 😋😋😋

So, today's art challenge is about showing us your photography skill 📸 of the things you see when you go for shopping, walking in the park, gardening or just watching TV at home that reminds you of King's game. It can be 🍿, 🍬, 🐕, 🍓, 🌈 etc.😉😉. You may post up to ten (10) photos and include caption. Please put your name/initial in your photos as identification😊.

What are the rewards?

  1. Three (3) winners with the best photos will each receive 30 GB (in their game of choice);
  2. Photo will be featured in the Art Gallery; and
  3. An interview 🎤.

Submit your entry(ies) no later than 4 October 2021, 5.00 p.m. CEST.

Terms and Conditions here

*You may guess just for fun though 🤭



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