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✏Pictionary in King's Style 🤴

wykoonwykoon Posts: 8,303 Community Hub Moderator
edited September 23 in Art Nook: King Fanart!

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Hello everyone!

Are you ready to have some fun and play pictionary in King's style? 😁😁😁 If yes, let's do this. Here is how we play:-

  1. A new theme will be featured every month*.
  2. Every clue(s) should preferably consist of at least 1 manually drawn (i.e. using stationeries ✏🖍🖊, paint brush app or any other graphic apps). You are also allowed to use images from the web**.
  3. Web image that has been removed will be replaced with another drawing (by me of course 🤭)
  4. All images/drawings must comply with the House Rules.
  5. You can repeat your guess(es) only after another player have answered (to give everyone a chance to have fun).
  6. You may include hints, for e.g. The movie has 4 words. First word is... (post the image).
  7. Once a player answer the first clue correctly, post the correct clue follow by the second clue, for e.g. third word is... (post image).
  8. The player who answered correctly may chose to draw the next image.

The theme for Sep to Oct is movie 📽🎬 title

  1. November 2021 - stay tuned
  2. December 2021 - stay tuned
  3. January 2022 - stay tuned

Let's begin!

Theme: Movie

Title: 4 words.

1st clue: 4th word is...

*May subject to change.

**Any web images that are found to infringe copyright/trademark will be removed.



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