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🌍 26 September – European Day of Languages 👄

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The European Day of Languages (EDL) was celebrated for the first time in the European Year of Languages 2001. Following this action, the Committee of Ministers decided to introduce the European Day of Languages as an annual event to be held each year on 26 September. On this occasion, every year millions of people in all member states of the Council of Europe and other parts of the world organize or participate in events to promote linguistic diversity and the ability to speak other languages.

The general objectives of this day are to draw attention to Europe's rich linguistic and cultural diversity, which must be maintained and promoted, but also to the need to broaden the range of languages learned throughout life in order to promote multilingualism and support intercultural understanding. The European Day of Languages is an opportunity to celebrate all languages spoken in Europe, including less widely used and used by migrants.

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The slogan "Speak to me!" of the day served as the starting point for the video clip shot in 2011.


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