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🍬🍭 Candy Collector Contest! (finished)

Crazy Cat Lad
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Collect Candies to celebrate the National Candy Day!

Gold Bars, an exclusive avatar and even more Gold Bars to win.

We are celebrating National Candy Day here in the Community.

You can find all National Candy celebration threads in the Community HERE.

In this celebration we also have a sweet challenge for you - Welcome to the Candy Collector Contest!

This contest includes all the four Candy Crush games and you can win in every game, plus win the jackpot on the main page here!

The aim and rules in the Candy Collector Contest are simple.

Play a level in each game and make as many as you can of a specific Special Candy. Then take a screenshot of your candies on the game board and get the chance to win loads of Gold Bars!

How do I collect the Candies?

Play any level in all four games (a level above 125) and make the specific Special Candies in each game and take a screenshot of your game board.

The more Special Candies you manage to create, the more Gold Bars you can win. Each Candy will give you Gold Bars if you get picked as the winner.

Then post your screenshot from each game on the game’s own page, hyperlinked below, to win in each specific game.

To find each game and its contest and what Special Candy you need to make, simply follow these links here:

Candy Crush - Color Bombs

Candy Crush Soda - Coloring Candies

Candy Crush Jelly - Striped Candies

Candy Crush Friends - Wrapped Candies

What can I win?

In each game you have the chance to win 10 Gold Bars for every Special Candy you managed to make.

To win the jackpot, post all four screenshots from all games in one comment here on this page.

Three winners will be picked here in the Hub among all players that collected candies in all four games.

They will win 10 Gold Bars for each Special Candy they made in all four games!

The participation for this contest will end on 8 November 2021 at 05:00 EST/ 11:00 CET and you can find the Terms & Conditions here.

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