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💥Badge of the Month - January 💥 (ended)



  • La Ley
    La Ley Posts: 2,691 Level 5

    Like many other folks here, I'm not much of a prankster but I do remember hiding in a closet when I was a kid and scaring the bejesus out of my mother...she thought I had left the house when she couldn't find me 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Racoon7
    Racoon7 Posts: 17,202 Pro Player 👑

    Thank you @wykoon for this great thread and @Crazy Cat Lad for a wonderful badge, you have got me thinking.... the last time I played a prank was on my family members a few years a go when I bought some of these and offered them around freely 😁, great to see their reactions 🤣.

    Could you resist, I love Jelly Beans 😁😂

  • DarDarW
    DarDarW Posts: 1,272 Level 4

    @wykoon I don't often do jokes but I once added vinegar to my sisters glass of drinking water instead of lemon lol she wasn't impressed 🙃😆 thank @Diamond Lim for the tag 😊

  • greddycandy
    greddycandy Posts: 12,429 Level 5

    Hi @wykoon I my youth, my siblings and I use to shock our friends. My grandfather had (we still have it) an electrical shock machine. It had two prongs and you wind the lever to make electricity. So we use to put the prongs under a seat cushion, then we invite one of our friends to sit down and while we having conversation one of us is hiding behind the chair ready to wind up the machine. You've never seen someone jump so fast out of a chair, it was so hilarious.

  • MollyS
    MollyS Posts: 6,936 Pro Player 👑
    edited January 2022

    I put rubber snakes in the kids Christmas stockings. A little extra surprise with their stocking stuffers 🤭

    Thanks for the tags @Diamond Lim and @DaniTheOG🧡

  • Colleen12
    Colleen12 Posts: 858 Level 4

    Too many to count, but having two friends hide in the shower just waiting to scare the daylights out of my husband was probably one of the better ones ☺️

  • istuff
    istuff Posts: 1,571 Pro Player 👑

    My brother and I took all the tires off my sisters' car. It was funny until my dad made us put them back on.

  • MicheleHogg
    MicheleHogg Posts: 691 Level 3

    Hi @Wykoon & Happy New Year! In my family I'm known as the Queen of pranks, especially when it comes to milestone birthdays! Many years ago I tricked my daughter into thinking that I was hosting a Cotillion for her. Imagine her surprise when she arrived wearing a ball gown & a tiara & her friends were dressed in jeans & tees! lol

    My son's favorite TV show was the Care Bears when he was little & he loved Braveheart. He was a very shy & timid little boy & he asked for a Braveheart Heart Stuffie for Christmas when he was 2. Throughout his life Braveheart has been by his side & has traveled the world with him. For his 16th birthday I invited all of his friends to a Teddy Bear picnic! There were 8-10 16 year old boys in jammies holding their favorite Stuffies when my son came home from school. The look on his face was priceless & many years later, during the toasts at his wedding I handed him a very tattered Braveheart & shared some of the adventures of my son & his sidekick!

    Luckily my kids have a great sense of humor & last October, on my 60th birthday, they finally got their revenge!😉🤣

    Great badge @Crazy Cat Lad & thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

  • fabke
    fabke Posts: 3,970 Pro Player 👑


    Thanks for tagging @Diamond Lim

    I did a few but not heavy pranks. Can't remember now.

    I accidentally put salt in dessert during cooking class and had to eat it

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