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💥Badge of the Month - January 💥 (ended)



  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 16,187 Level 5

    Knowing that our head girl was afraid of spiders, I chased her around the school with a spider in my hand - only to reveal to her later that my hand was empty! 😃

  • Palash_Sarma
    Palash_Sarma Posts: 2,215 Level 5

    I made April fool with my neighbour. I said my neighbour friend a cow ate your flowers in your garden 😜.. good evening @wykoon

  • GlenysB
    GlenysB Posts: 574 Level 4


    I seldom play pranks but do remember from my childhood days tying string to two front door knockers and knocking on them. They weren't too happy when they couldn't open the doors.

  • Princess_Jessica
    Princess_Jessica Posts: 6,594 Jelly Moderator

    We are and have always been a prankster family we love pulling pranks on each other just the other day I found some fake dog poop and I laid it in the bed on my husband's side when he went to bed he hollered there is something in the bed I said shouldn't be he turned the light on and started hollering the dog pooped in the bed what got into him he has never pooped in the house I was dying laughing he said haha funny you got me good lol I laughed forever

  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,288 Level 5

    Well, here's a prank call vid (to a TV station):


  • bmkersey08
    bmkersey08 Posts: 5,739 Pro Player 👑

    One time while on vacation with another couple, the four of us were walking back to our condo after being out for dinner. As we approached the front entrance to our high rise building some kids were tossing snaps (small fire works you toss at the ground and they snap an pop when they hit) from several floors up at us and others as we approached. The other woman and I went to our condo and collected ice bucket and waste containers full of ice water and found the floor above these kids. We waited until they were tossing the snaps at the next people and poured the ice water on their heads…..and then we ran like the wind out of there!

  • Havish
    Havish Posts: 3,675 Level 5

    Here is a very funny prank.

    Scaring the girls at school! 🤣

    Nice badge. Can't wait

    to get it!

  • rare
    rare Posts: 579 Level 4

    I was chopping the beetroot and suddenly I saw there was a dark coloured and dusty beetroot so instead of chopping its roots off , I broke its root and it was like a broken tail of mice 🐭 I took that root and threw at my elder sister (she was using her phone at that time) and said

    ”See I just chopped off a mice’s tail”

    and the way she screamed make me laugh 😂 so hard

    I used to prank my friends 👫 but this time I pranked my sister 🤭🤭😂😂

  • candycrushinit
    candycrushinit Posts: 12,599 Level 5

    I never play pranks on anyone but I am good at scaring my family in the dark 😅

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 12,542 Soda Moderator

    When I was young we tied a string on a wallet, put the wallet on the street and pulled it away if someone wanted to pick it up 😁

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