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💥Badge of the Month - January 💥 (ended)



  • ndaoz
    ndaoz Posts: 883 Level 4

    my childhood years were spent as a naughty boy..😎

    I really liked donkey jokes. The thing I enjoyed the most was throwing balloons filled with water from our 4th floor balcony into the open. It was fun watching people get wet. 😄

    I used to love cycling, which I still do very much. My friends and I would go down roads they didn't know about and I would tell them we were lost and scare them. I was leaving them there by themselves and returning home. 😄

    As I got older, I switched to regular jokes.

    If it's a joke I made recently, I sent a mysterious picture from a WhatsApp group with my friends before 6 a.m. And then I made a video call to the group about an emergency. I said I was calling to say good morning when they answered in a hectic way. I had an amazing time.. It's their turn to joke right now, and I'm always on the lookout for them to do something.😄😄

    I like jokes that don't cross the line. It is a good way to add taste to life.✌😊

  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
    edited January 2022

    Hi @wykoon @Crazy Cat Lad @Diamond Lim @Yosca @Nix66 @Pitty_Kitty thx on tag & badge,

    Let us see. Many years ago, had a sales call out in the country with a rep. I was training. The customer was very rude, & spoke a lot of foul language. Anyway, we decided to buy a pickup truck of horse manure, & had it dumped on his front door. The things I did as a youngster, you could write a book on it. It was amusing at the time.

    • King Badge of the Month - January

    Nice badge.

    Cya's Origins7 Dale, 😀


  • Nat09
    Nat09 Posts: 12,561 Pro Player 👑

    Once, when my daughter was in 5th grade, their teacher thought them the process of writing and mailing a letter. So one day, I received her letter in the mail, she wrote how she was a good girl and she wanted to know if she could get a parakeet, she wanted a pink one and went on about how she would take care of it and how she deserved it because she was a good girl.

    So I wrote a letter back to her ( that’s what I was supposed to do) I told her that I agreed she was a good girl, the best kid a mother could ask for and she deserved to have a parakeet, in fact, she could have 2, and I even named them for her, hurry and look at the next page I tell her. The next page had two colouring pictures of parakeets. The first one was named” I don’t think so “ and the other was named “ Think again “ and I told her she could colour them whatever colour she wanted 🤣🤣 She thought it was so funny, because she really didn’t want a parakeet at all and the teacher thought it was hilarious.

  • zeenajaneesh2
    zeenajaneesh2 Posts: 57 Level 2

    Happy new year everyone!

    I reached 6000 level

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 16,165 Candy Moderator

    One time as a kid I was staying at a girl friend's house and her older brother was outside in his bathing suit enjoying lying in the sun. He happened to be right under one of the 2nd floor windows and yes - you guessed it - I poured a jug of water on him. I just said I thought he looked like he needed to cool off!😁😉😂

  • Lindark
    Lindark Posts: 5,681 Sweet Legend

    I prank my co workers and hide under their desks when they don’t know I’m there and scare the crap outta them :)

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 6,019 Level 5

    I didn't does it to anyone!

    I didn't do it or get it done to me! But oh, my, my! Give a stress ball to someone (to a child, pretty not nice) for Christmas! Hours later after they really be mad give them their real "Gift!" Oh Yeah! I could not possibly be this mean!

    Of course, somebody's goin' like it! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  • me6412
    me6412 Posts: 9,554 Pro Player 👑

    @wykoon I love pranks and being one to play them is always my favorite to change it up and tell about one prank pulled on me....

    I was at work several years ago and as I always pulled pranks on my fellow co-workers they decided to get me was right before Halloween and they knew how much I hated as it was about 2 weeks before Halloween and I didn't have a set time to come in the office so the others decided to take this evil looking fat rat and tie it to my chair and place it under my desk...after arriving at work everyone acted normal, so as I went to pull my chair out this fat rat came out from under my desk and scared the crap out of me as I screamed like a child yelling very loud and I ran backwards into my filing cabinets and tripped over my trashcan, as the employee all laughed so hard at me....they talked about that for weeks as they finally got one on me.....

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 157,489 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Well done! Please post your screenshot here that you can claim Level 6000 Badge on your view profile. @zeenajaneesh2 😊

    Then can you answer January Question is What’s the best prank you’ve ever played on someone? 🙊🙊

    Simply answer the above question and get rewarded with this 👇 lovely badge of the month created by our @Crazy Cat Lad.

    You may include images, GIFs, quotes etc. in your message. Just be mindful of the House Rules 😄😄.

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