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Art Challenge: Healthy drinks🍹🧉 (ENDED)

wykoonwykoon Posts: 10,867 Community Hub Moderator
edited February 3 in Art Nook: King Fanart!

New Year’s Eve celebration had passed and now we are in the early 2022. It is time for another new Art Challenge 💪 and welcome a healthier lifestyle!

Make your special healthy drinks such as fresh fruits🥝🍎🍊 juice or any detox drinks and then share with us the photo of that drink(s).

Every participant who submit their original* entry will receive the following badge**.

That's not all. We have a bonus! Participants who posted their drink recipe (including pictures showing the process) will stand a chance to win 30 gold bars for your choice of King’s game (except COTR). We will pick three (3) lucky winners for the gold bars.

This challenge will end on Monday, 31 January 2022 at 16:00 CET. Terms and conditions apply.

*Photo (web images will not be considered) must be recent and include Community’s username for identification purpose.

**created and designed by @Elsa 😍; idea & concept by wykoon.

Special thanks to @ckmy for sharing her idea of making drinks as one of the Art Nook challenges💕

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