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Art Challenge - Bookmark in motion (fun participation)

wykoonwykoon Posts: 10,866 Community Hub Moderator
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Hello my fellow artists,

Wondering what the challenge is? How about creating a bookmark in conjunction with the World Book's Day and Sant Jordi** (aka St. George's Day) that falls on 23 April 2022? 😍

If you're ready and feeling excited, join the fun now and start creating 🤗.

Below are some guidelines to help you create your bookmark 😉.

1) There is no limit on the number of entries.

2) We have chosen the flowers and cropsies images that coincides with the spring season and Earth's Day for you to use in creating your bookmark.

3) The bookmark must contain at least 1 King Games Logo OR the King Logo.

4) You can also include inspirational quotes or sweet messages in the bookmark.

5) To protect your original artwork and for identification purpose, please write your name manually in a piece of paper and place it next to your artwork before taking picture and post it here. For artwork that is created using computer graphic program, you can insert your name in text form. Artwork/Images that are found to be copied from the another's work may be removed/edited.

The best part of this art challenge is that you can submit your artwork at any time and any day. Yes you got it right, this is an open art challenge 😃.

However, please remember to keep your comment on topic, sweet, short and simple as per the House Rules.

** It is a Day of the Book and the Rose celebrated by the Catalonian. Read more about it here.

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