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EOTheGr8 now introducing Animated King Signatures!

EOTheGr8 Posts: 3,681 Level 5
edited July 2022 in Art Nook

Hello everyone!

The title of this discussion says it all! I am now doing Animated King Signatures along with the normal signatures I’ve been making!

Below are a few pre-made designs showing some of the many animations that are available:

The designs you just saw above are not the only designs available, as a matter of fact, these signatures, just like the ones I’ve been making already, are gonna be fully customizable to whatever you’d like! Many more King game options like CCSS, CCJS, PRS, and many more coming soon! Keep an eye on this thread, or bookmark it, as this is where I’ll let you all know when new designs and game choices are available!

So send me a PM, and let’s start your Animated Signature together!

But wait! Before I go, I really wanna thank @Elsa! If it wasn’t for her, none of this would be possible. She went out of her way to teach me the ways of how to do all these animations! Thank you so much my dear friend! ❤️😃



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