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Accessibility and fonts- what do you think?

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 11,376 Community Manager
edited May 17 in Players' Corner

Hello King-tastic players!

Many factors make a game more accessible. One of them is its font on pop-ups, tutorials, etc.

Game fonts are usually more decorative and branded than others to make the text more fun to read- that's also the case with our King games!

Our fantastic King Globalization team helps game teams to pick up the best fonts for the different languages, and today they have a question for YOU: 

In your fav King game, do you prefer…

  • Simple and easy-to-read fonts?
  • Decorated, branded fonts?

Here you can see some examples:

In English: 

In Japanese:

In Simplified Chinese:

In Spanish:

Will YOU please help us gather feedback about this topic? Just comment here below, and add:

1. Where are you from? (Country/Region)

2. Which language do you usually play our games in?

3. Why do you prefer that option? (branded - simple)

Thanks a lot! ❤️

Celebrate Accessibility Month HERE!



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