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💎 (FINISHED) Win Gold Bars here! Can you solve your answer from no colour image challenge! ⚫⚪

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Hello Diamond Diaries Hunters! 👋

Yeah~! Diamond Diaries Contest is back again! It's called solve your answer from no colour image challenge! ⚫⚪

Oh Wait! Do you still remember what's colour charm with following what's shape when you are still playing Diamond Diaries Saga? If yes, you can participate and solve the answer now! 😄

So are you ready to solve the answer from no colour image challenge? I am really sure you can solve it! 😉

Here is no colour image


How many blue charms are from this no colour image? (Vertical, horizontal, cross and star ray charms are also counted)

🌟 How to participate? 🌟

It's very simple! You just answer it from the question. Please make sure to use spoiler box first then answer it.

🌟 What's the prize? 🌟

5 randomly chosen players who got correct answer, will win 20 gold bars to the King game of your choice (Except Crash On the Run).

You have until Thursday, 30th June 2022, 09:00 CET to participate and you will find Terms and Conditions here!

Good luck and have a nice day! 🤞😊

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