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Can't use PrivateMessage after July fifth?



  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 139,566 Diamond Diaries Moderator
  • castilho87
    castilho87 Posts: 79 Level 2

    very happy to be part of this community, i am the 01 of this game and i have been very happy to play for 4 years, i am at level 5181 and my brain thanks all the builders. THE BEST.

  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 17,259 Level 5

    What you say is certainly correct. There has definitely been abuse of PMs (and I'm sure there is evidence of this), but not everyone has been punished - just a select few - and it is unjust that PMs should cease because of this.

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,653 Level 3

    Private messages are very good, but they are very bad. This is to briefly summarize your message. This is a strange verdict.)

    You also write that it's time to move forward. But in my opinion, the community has now jumped back very powerfully. And if the community completes this jump, then it will land somewhere near Homo erectus (if we compare the development of mankind with the development of forum technologies). This looks very sad.

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,653 Level 3


    Can the server "fall" from the fact that there are not enough resources and opportunities? Of course it can.

    Can an IT specialist who controls the operation of the server suddenly discover this problem (today he saw that in a week the information will no longer fit on the server)? It cannot, if it really controls the operation of the server. Why didn't they start solving the problem in time? (Unless this is a fake and this problem was really brewing.) I don't know.

    Now I want to write a few words for those who are trying to calm the community.

    I am now reading an official announcement that personal correspondence will be destroyed.

    In this message, we are told that there will be no more private communication between community members.

    But in this message there is not a single word that King is looking for some kind of alternative. Also there is not a single hint that in the future King will look for an alternative. (Guys, to be honest, I don’t understand at all what alternative can replace personal correspondence. You think for yourself. What can replace personal correspondence? Another personal correspondence? What other personal correspondence, if we consider the problem exclusively on a community scale?)

    We are told that this is a technical problem. And then we are told that CM and GM are brainstorming to solve the problem. I find it funny when I read this. Because CM and GM have nothing to do with the technical support of this forum. (How can you influence the server? I don't understand.)

    I want more honesty from officials. So far, I see only unreasonable optimism, which is not supported by facts.

    I think that private communication in the community will be destroyed. And we will not be able to influence this decision.

    What then?

    Then everything will be under control. And the goal will be reached. None of us can change this decision.

     (Perhaps Blizzard still needs to know that King has started to lose customers right now.)

  • dananelle
    dananelle Posts: 934 Level 4

    im 💯 certain there’s evidence 😂🤣 the best thing about messages is they are permanent and saved 😉

  • MollyS
    MollyS Posts: 6,640 Pro Player 👑

    Also certain that not all of the offenders were prosecuted. People should be more careful when throwing stones.

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5
    edited July 2022

    Hi Everyone,

    Yes there are multiple areas that require individual attention & PM's are just one factor in those.

    Yes there are Tech Supporters who do the specialist work but they would have to do it in a way that works in line with Company procedures & communicate with the Managers of the Community. Different departments work together & since covid a lot of that gets done over zoom & scheduling those meetings according to different times zones. A lot of businesses all over the world, don't just get to walk down the corridor to a colleagues' desk anymore.

    We've seen Accessibility, Site navigation & layout being worked on recently. Along with language, online safety & improving admin. Then there's the In game Help Centre feature, Community In Game link that've been created & issues with Facebook Game Room to be facilitated.

    Add in creating, uploading, noting & allocating badges. Creating contests, activities, audio content & Support Assistance.

    Well...that's just a few things.....But all of those & more add to servers. There are 18 King Games to house all that content for & multiple areas in each Community. Including game screenshots & contests entries. The Community has more than doubled in size since King Care, technology has changed & it is time for us to move forward in cleaning the site up & getting the jiggy with it.

    I'm guessing PM content may just have been as big, if not bigger than Team Game screenshots across all communities, put together! Why would any company, online or off, put out alternatives before working on them to see what works within the specifications available? They do have to answer to financial advisers, HR, legal representatives & all departments of management.

    We work in businesses in the real world. We all have bosses or own businesses, so know it's not just a matter of 1 click & it's fixed. Just like Blizzard has to account to Microsoft. Maybe we need the professional approach & stability of Microsoft to filter down harder. Especially with regard to online safety, Social Responsibility, Netiquette & bullying online & in the work place. Just saying.🧐

    Pm's are close to our hearts & what we are familiar with. Yes some were good & some were bad. Yes there was an abuse of them & probably not all of those were punished. However, nobody ever gets warnings without second chances, education or genuine support to work through concerns. Privately out of respect & dignity. That is needed, even when those hurt, think it's too many chances.

    That does cause delays for projects though. In all areas. Gosh! It can even cause delays in getting badges you. So, personally, I don't see any conspiracies nor is it just about any one topic. We do, do our best & so do CM's. We do, do work behind the scenes & no, it's not always easy.

    Thankfully, the end of a matter is always better than the beginning & now lots of areas can get the attention they need & culminate, in all being sorted out at once.

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