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Art Challenge - Sundae 🍨Time!

wykoonwykoon Posts: 12,033 Community Hub Moderator
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Hi everyone!

Summer just ended not long ago but who could resist having a nice yummylicious sundae as dessert. Everyone loves to devour this sweet dessert cos you could have at any day, time and season!

Are you ready to make your favourite sundae❓❗ You may add any ingredients as you like but you MUST use at least one (1️⃣) of the following ingredients in your sundae.

Cherry/hazelnut from Candy Crush saga

apple/strawberry from Farm Heroes Saga

and/or chocolates from Candy Crush Soda.

To participate, please read, understand and follow the RULES ⤵. Also, please have fun!

  1. Make your own sundae using any ingredients but you MUST use at least ONE (1) of the ingredients posted above.
  2. Take a picture of the sundae and place your name card (a symmetrical paper folded into half with your name written/printed on it) next to the sundae. Inserting text on the image will NOT be accepted.
  3. Post the picture of the sundae together with the recipe.
  4. Kindly refrain from posting picture from the web.
  5. Do stay on-topic and read The House Rules if you are unsure about commenting or posting the image.

Five (5) participants will be chosen as the winner to receive 20GB for their choice of King's game (except Crash On The Run).


This contest will end on Monday, 3 October 2022, 17:00 CEST.


Late entries would be disqualified. Terms and Conditions apply.


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