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  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,586 Legend
    edited January 17

    Hello there, @prettycherry !

    Do you see the peak and fluctuations on the chart? It peaked on the 1st Quarter of 2015 and started going down immediately on the 2nd Quarter of the same year 2015. Unfortunately, it kept going down and never recovered. It was down some more on the 3rd Quarter of 2020. With the pandemic still lingering, my forecast based on what I see is not good. This is the time where King Digital Entertainment should be more generous with the Boosters to attract and bring back the former loyal players who were pushed away when King decided to be stingy on rewarding Boosters.

    By the way, when analyzing the chart, you cannot dwell on the PEAK because that was HISTORY. You get more concerned as the PEAK slides downward and continue tumbling down.

    Hello there, @Diamond Lim ! Thanks for the Tag!

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  • me6412me6412 Posts: 4,021 Level 5

    @PrettyBubbles Interesting facts. I didn't start playing until this past February 2020 so soon it will be my 1 st Anniversary on Candy Crush Saga. I had seen people playing these games and my son was playing the games and he showed me how to play and it started the addiction to Candy Crush Saga, and then I got pop ups for Soda Saga and Friends Saga so I downloaded them and from there I have about 6 King Games now I play and it goes from there it was in February that I also joined the Community also so here I am. Glad to know that there are so many other addictive people playing along with me..Haha Haha Haha.. Crush it Hard !


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  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 4,630 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @mercerik well observed and correct 👍⭐

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  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 1,229 Legend

    While the number of players is amazing, the trend in active users would be disturbing to me -- a steady decline since its peak in Q1 of 2015. I hope revenues over this same period show a more positive trend.

  • lilmamachrislong34lilmamachrislong34 Posts: 199 Level 3

    Very amazed hopefully in middle of this year it will be double 🤩

  • CassDCassD Posts: 189 Level 3

    @PrettyBubbles and @Elsa

    Amazing figures, so many people. Shows how many love King games. Keep up the good work!

  • JoJo75durhamJoJo75durham Posts: 224 Level 3

    Hi Jojo 75 I think it is absolutely fantastic that there are so many people interested in the king gangs it just shows you how amazing they really are also feel very proud that Diamond Lim Has personally tag me millions of players I feel very honoured to be amongst all these people.

  • laleylaley Posts: 321 Level 4

    This is definitely amazing!!

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Legend

    Love this, This is very interesting and amazing

  • fabkefabke Posts: 917 Level 4

    @PrettyBubbles @Elsa

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

    It's amasing when I started playing it, everybody (men, women, children), knew this King games. So I'm a late crusher kind but I'm crushing now.

    Welcome to the King Community

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  • TimhungTimhung Posts: 1,366 Legend

    Interesting... I hope the number can increase again...

    Is there a list of "How many players have reached the last levels?"

    I hope the game can make more changes and become more popular again.

    Thank you for the tag. @Diamond Lim

    Play Candy Crush Saga together! Share your ideas in the community!😊

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