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💛🧡King Community Quiz🧡💛 (ENDED)

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In conjunction with the upcoming King's 3rd Anniversary, we wanted to test your knowledge📖.

How well do you know about King's game and the Community❓ Just answer these 5 simple questions below and stand a chance to win some 💰💰.

1.   When is the King Community's Anniversary?

a.   15 November

b.   21 November

c.   30 November

2.   How do you make a Wrapped Candy in the Candy Crush games?

a.   By matching 3 candies

b.   By matching 4 candies in a straight line

c.   By matching 5 candies into a T or L 

3.   How many Game Mods are in charge of the Candy Crush Saga Community?

a.  3

b.  4

c.   5

4.   Who is Helena’s companion in Pyramid Solitaire Saga?

a.   Kingsley

b.   Barney

c.   Bernie

5. What is the former name of the King Community website?

a.  King is Caring

b.  King Care

c.  Care is King

You may use the Spoiler 👇 to answer the questions. 

Five (5) players will be chosen from all the players who have all correct answers and will receive 50 Gold Bars each in the Game (except Crash On The Run) of their choice!

Put on your thinking 🧢 and start answering those questions. May the luck be with you 😉😄

The contest will run until 30 November 2021, 1700 Central European Time (CET).

Terms and Conditions here

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