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May is...Accessibility Month!



  • Reptilian
    Reptilian Posts: 101 Level 2

    having a translator inside the website so that different languages have have their say as well,

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 3,676 Level 5

    It's like, you can access anything.

    Example: If your profile is public...what you can see discussions, comments, points, badges, everything!

    Scroll through...

    Besides, I just hit 1900 points so 100 more to go and then 2000 again :)

  • chaehong70
    chaehong70 Posts: 270 Level 3

    Hi that for your awesome information. Looking forward for the upcoming events in may.

    👉️ What do you expect from this first accessibility Month?

    More info and update of accessibility of candy crush Saga game.

    👉️ What do you know about accessibility?

    Convenience to access area and information.

    👉️ What would you like to learn more about?

    I would like to know more about this feature in the game

    👉️ Do you have any accessibility concerns or ideas that would make our games- and forums!- more accessible?

    I wish we can have easier access to all king games so that we can enjoy the games with ease.

  • Raerobbie
    Raerobbie Posts: 72 Pro Player 👑

    I agree with everyone else it would be nice if the boosters would be a little bit cheaper and navigating the website little smoother but other than that I'm finally getting the hang of everything and I believe I'm doing pretty good at

  • namal_butt_01
    namal_butt_01 Posts: 1,935 Level 4

    @Lola_Pop great info 👏👏 I would like to learn more about accessibility features

  • emelanie
    emelanie Posts: 72 Level 3

    I agree with marking/deleting posts individually without having to click on reading them.

    But there are 2 things in the game that drive me nuts:

    • Having to scroll all the way down to the hundreds levels to send lives to all my friends (I am up in the 5000s)—it takes ages on my phone! (And really annoyed the person next to me…)
    • Having to get through all the pop ups when I have only a few precious moments left on my timed bonuses after winning a level. (This weeks level competition board, whichever thing you’re collecting, the race to the finish, and sometimes also the Candy Royale (2 screens) boards. That’s potentially 5 pop ups!) It takes sooo long!
  • wykoon
    wykoon Posts: 12,697 Community Hub Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your feedback about accessibility.

    We will be rolling out accessibility related activities and discussions soon. So stay tuned 😊💕💪💛

    Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

  • Carpio_Deolinda73
    Carpio_Deolinda73 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 2022

    *Edited by CM: 🤔 Oops! Please repost in English so everyone can understand - Our House Rules

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 152,851 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello there! @Carpio_Deolinda73 👋

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Sorry for your reply because we can only use English Language that we can understand and help you on King Community. Don't worry! You make sure use Google Translate to translate English Language and repost your comments with using English Language on next time. You can also read the House Rules here! Thank you for your understanding! 😊

    Anyway, do you have playing any King's Game such as Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and another Saga’s Games? 🤔

    If yes, can you tell us your feedback about Accessibility? Check to read these questions about Accessibility here. 😉

    Also check What is Accessibility about?

    You can also check more King Community Topics such as Learn more guides around King Community and etc on my below signature (click on spoiler warming button) here. 👇

    Have a nice and safety day! 😊

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    Hi @wykoon @Lola_Pop

    💫 As it's the first Accessibility Month, I'm looking forward to reading the above articles to discover what the Accessibility Topic means to everyone, more information on this & what projects King may be looking at regarding it. Exciting times in technology!

    💫 Accessibility covers a lot of areas - Visual, Cognitive, Physical, Language, Narratives & Instructional & ease of use & navigation.

    💫 I'm interested in Cognitive, Narratives/Instructional & ease of navigation. It's awesome to be part of a Community that's so multicultural & diverse. Many different issues occur & working to minimize these for everyone is interesting.

    💫 I would like to learn more about the Physical aspects of Accessibility & the different assistive technology available, to make it easier, for those with physical barriers, to enjoy their gaming experience. Screenshotting on devices can be awkward for some :O) Also how cognitive & narratives impact the understanding & application of Game Play Strategies.

    💫 Personally, light & contrast can impact visually. Looking forward to reading the above article on fonts & maybe looking into how off-set colours, effect visibility in graphics.

    Thanks for this initiative & excited to read everyone's thoughts, experiences & feedback on this topic. That will really aid us to work on this aspect & bring the King Community the best experience we can!

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