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(FINISHED) 🐱 Win Badge and Gold Bars here! What's your favourite cat and Why? 🐱

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Hello King Community Crew! 👋

Meow~! We want to know What's your favourite cat from any of King's Saga Games and Why! Liquorice? Nero? Kitty? Or Other? 🐱

🌟 What's the prize? 🌟

5 randomly chosen players who have voted and answered the favourite catwill win 20 gold bars to the King game of your choice.

But that's not all! All players who have voted and answered the favourite cat then will also win this badge.

This badge has been created by our Community Manager : @Novapichu. 👆🏅😉

You have until Monday, 1st May 2023, 09:00 CET to participate and you will find Terms and Conditions here!

😽 Let's vote your favourite cat and answer your feedback now! Meow~! 😽

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(FINISHED) 🐱 Win Badge and Gold Bars here! What's your favourite cat and Why? 🐱 171 votes

Liquorice (Candy Crush Saga)
Peter_TornarosCebeAlexandra_TangAndres-2Diamond_Limkiara_waelmintmin2jeanpsRohasamm_kmlbmkersey08Pitty_KittydanicandyLoveDachsjessmcpajMollySdzmpouraWendy_B1Shilviya18 68 votes
Kitty (Pet Rescue Saga)
Lady_ChooLynetteJulie_AndrewsMaja_NikolicZee-2Adrienne_YoungMariana_OanaSabrinaMDoris_KochYoscatsaytdsbearwithmeSpinnifixencantesEOTheGr8keshavrfgiachinilaurasmorrow26jsscdodd031Palash_Sarma 43 votes
Star Cats (Bubble Witch 3 Saga)
EnergizerBunnyaautz1siti_payungMiladyRLa Leymaf34100MountainMomDieOmiminamal_butt_01carmenechevarriarebelchildCassDgreddycandygordan10Racoon7KCullen127Terri_1LeFlarcanejojo_1976angiegritz 23 votes
Nero (Bubble Witch 3 Saga)
Werner_CichyMiaChristineNamTruong2001wjm2020Nikolaos_ProdromidisLady_SarinaEleMoooAnettFigomilo0147VickMtzteeweipinghudusXxanderrcool8925M0G13stellaneromark2112[Deleted User] 17 votes
Violet (Bubble Witch 3 Saga)
Laurenmlhtokasa13candeelizabeth07Bellamy32Uniquedb 5 votes
Wilbur (Bubble Witch 3 Saga)
johamilton[Deleted User]BQN537CaramelKatBurtulí87CCRangerammar068Johhny 8 votes
Other (Which cat?)
BoybinaryCourtney1990me6412Loser_Nadia1770Tammy611[Deleted User] 7 votes


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