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(ENDED) - I scream Ice-cream

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,123 Community Manager
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It's almost summer time, hot sun and sweats coming up and the best way to tackle this is with...


Sweet, cool, smooth and simply delicious! What's there not to like?

So, let's scream for ice-cream to make the forthcoming summer cooler and sweeter together.

Share a pic of your favorite ice-cream, what ice-cream you have in the freezer right now or when you eat ice-cream. 

You can also post a funny ice-cream GIF or meme if your freezer at the moment only has some ice cubes or an old bake-off bread with unknown expiration date.

With the photo or GIF, share your ice-cream story. When do you eat ice-cream? Which flavor do you love or maybe you don't like ice-cream at all? 

Do you perhaps make your own ice-cream? Share your best recipe and tips with us!

All ice-cream photos and stories will get this cool Community badge:

On top of that we'll also give 10 Gold Bars to five players with the coolest and sweetest pics and stories when the event ends. The Gold Bars are added to the King game that you choose. 


You have until Friday 12 June 2020 09:00 CET to participate and the Terms and Conditions are right here.

Do not have a Community account yet? Then sign up right here to participate!  



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