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Destiny_13 Level 2


  • No, this wasn’t the normal delay between the different events. It was closed on my end for hours. Tech refunded my gold bars, so all is good. Thanks
  • RC Closed again and I purchased unlimited play for 24 hours. How does this get rectified?
  • You know what would be supremely helpful? An actual transparent answer from the studio on what the problem(s) are. They cause many more issues when they don’t just give an honest and fully detailed answer to their customers on why RC is down. If they don’t have an ETA on when it will be restored? Say so. If the issue is an…
  • I’ve signed in via FB, not via Fb, on multiple devices and it’s still closed no matter how I sign in.
  • It’s now Wednesday 3:15EST and RC is still closed. Really think they need to look up the definition of “temporary”. I do not understand how a company that takes in the $ the way they do, how they can’t keep this game online on a regular basis, or fix the multitude of issues it has all the time. Exceedingly frustrating.
  • Happy to have found this thread to turn off those unbelievably obnoxious emojis. I have found that after I deleted and reinstalled the app, you get stuck in “new player” type algorithm again. I had previously gotten to where I almost never saw someone use them, and then when my only option was to delete the app and…
  • Thanks! Looks like 12 in Athens would be 5AM here in Fl.

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