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bbdohnal Level 2


  • I have the same problem. I was first with over 500 cones and the next person in second place had around 210 before the game ended. My user ID is 10246522075. thank you.
  • I have the same problem. I completed every day/level for each week and received the gift box for each level, but only some of the gift boxes in the first three weeks contained stickers, so I never received those costumes. I also get the message each day stating i have all the costumes, which is confusing because it looks…
  • Hi. I completed all four weeks and got the gift for each day, but the only costume i received was the Angel Bubblegum Troll costume. I’m now on the fifth week during which i expected i might get the other characters, but after reading posts in the community, i think i should have received the holiday costumes for the yeti,…
  • I got access on April 25th and got to the 7th level, but I haven't seen it pop up since then and I've been playing almost every day. I've force closed out the app and restarted my phone and nothing has worked. How can I get access to the level again before the window closes?

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