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dotty1997 Level 2


  • There does not seem to be any benefit in winning a reward round if u only get 1 star and only get a prize of extra lives. If I've used one of my previous rewards to win the next reward and only get a few extra lives, I am worse off than I was before, as lives are replenished quite often. The point is, its irritating to get…
    in me Comment by dotty1997 August 2021
  • Thank you for explaining. I still wonder why won boosters cannot be restored. Perhaps you could explain why not.
    in me Comment by dotty1997 July 2021
  • Thanks I did that game now works minus my boosters.😀
    in me Comment by dotty1997 July 2021
  • I can't get the game to load. I levels are probably there but I can't play if game wont load. Game turns on but then a few seconds later turns off again.
    in me Comment by dotty1997 July 2021
  • there are no updates available. I have already tried that.
    in me Comment by dotty1997 July 2021
  • All updates current, game was playing fine yesterday. I got the game through Microsoft store not google so I don't know if that makes a difference. I am on level 1100 or so, so don't want to start from 1 again.
    in me Comment by dotty1997 July 2021
  • no box saying updates available. Only thing I get when I check apps is option to uninstall game.
    in me Comment by dotty1997 July 2021
  • How do I check for updates when I cant access game
    in me Comment by dotty1997 July 2021
  • If they are free lives, where do they come from. I thought the lives I gave away were lives I didn't intend to use.
  • Why do keep talking about purchases. I said these were boosters I had won, not purchased.
  • What I want to know is why do my boosters that I have won and not purchased disappear. I have played other King games and it only seems to happen in the Pyramid Solitaire game. If there is a glitch in this game then it should be fixed. It's only been about a month since my last lot disappeared. If you can figure out how to…
  • Where have all my prizes gone from Pyramid Solitaire Saga. My game is saved so I should be able to get them back. How?
  • where have my rewards gone. If my game is saved then why aren't my rewards saved. It's really irritating especially at higher levels to have a fair amount of rewards taken away. How do I get them back.

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