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galenty Level 2


  • I would also like to stop the email notifications. It's insane how much you spam my inbox. It's ridiculous. Changing my notifications and ven deleting the games hasn't changed anything. Please, please, please, stop this.
  • Sorry to disappoint. Good bye
  • My concern is that if your company does not allow you to fix something that costs you nothing, how will my concerns be treated when it's an actual problem? No worries, you didn't offend. In fact, that you answered means something. Still, I'll have to decide to delete the game or not.
  • I know it doesn't affect the rewards. I had made sure I was signed in. It also costs you nothing to fix. It does reward you with a happier customer. It might seem silly to you, but I really wanted to reach a year of solid playing. And, no, I won't start over.

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