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gervicky Level 2


  • Yes this is very odd. Same here waiting at 6625 on my phone even though the last update was March 31. I guess I'll have to play on the computer till they fix the android update.
  • Here's my 6000++++ screenshot
  • Lady sarina, ID is gervicky.I am at level 5484 and I play on my phone ( BlackBerry and galaxy note both on marshmallow) and my tablet ( Oreo).My account is on all devices and I never bought the bomb lollipops. I earned every single one of them and that's why I am so upset.As you can imagine at this level I…
  • Hi lady sarina Thanks and I did follow the procedure. I logged out and logged in again and they reappeared except for the bomb lollipops that still show the + sign instead of the number... And I even won a few of these since and still the +sign instead of a number. I don't share my phone or tablet so no one else is logged…
  • Hi again! We'll I am at level 5480 and since last update all my rewards ( lollipops) have gone! I only have a + sign instead of a number for each of the 4 lollipops at the bottom of my screen...and as you can imagine I am not happy...considering I had +50 for each of the 4! Now how do I get these back???
  • I don't play through Facebook, only only phone and tablet. Is 5445 the last level available on Android?
  • Well I seem to have the same problem. My phone is also android 6 ( and I am not changing phone because it's a BlackBerry that works really well!) And I reached 5085 and the app tells me to update but when I do the app won't open and I get the same message. King people you need to fix this as you're supposed to support any…
  • Here's my screenshot!
  • Here's my screenshot!

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