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  • I used 10 of my gold bars to continue playing and I would have won the level but the game crashed on me! This is not the first time this has happened. Please either give me the 10 gold bars back or $2.99 plus tax so I can purchase some more. Thank you.
  • I didn’t get my daily reward today. I REALLY don’t want to to reset it back to Day 1. I was on Day 1008! Please help! Am I going to get my reward today and will it keep my daily progress?
  • I didn’t get my daily rewards today! I hope this doesn’t reset me back down to Day 1. I was on day 1008 or 1009! Please help!
    in HELP!!! Comment by jenco36 December 2021
  • What happened to the 30 minutes of unlimited lives every day? I’d rather have the old version back so we get 30 minutes! I only got 15 minutes this morning! *Edited by CM: rude*, King? I spend A LOT of money on your game so it would be AWESOME if you do not get rid of the perks I receive.
  • I really appreciate the more detailed explanation (and sympathy lol) for what happened. I was really looking forward to all that unlimited time! The extra info helps. Thanks again.
  • If the game has ended, then why is it still showing on my screen? What the heck is going on? I can see that I am not the only person who had this issue. So that’s all you can say? “It’s ended, sorry”? Really?
  • Thank you but I claimed all awards, that’s not my issue. I was at either the 20th or 21st award and was going to spend money to unlock all other awards when the game disappeared yesterday and then showed up today with all levels gone. May I get those back please? I wanted to spend the $6 to unlock all the extra awards and…

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