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Lost progress

SystemSystem Posts: 169 Community Manager
This discussion was created from comments split from: A SPECIAL Game Team Q&A!.


  • sirinozkan41sirinozkan41 Posts: 1
    How I can change facebook account. I opened the game with wrong Facebook and lost mu level 
  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 453 Community Moderator
    Hello @sirinozkan41 !

    I missed your post and I'm so sorry!! :(

    I've moved your post to a new discussion in order to help you better, I hope you don't mind.

    It's very frustrating when you lose your progress that way, but luckily there are a few things we can try which will usually solve this issue. Please try the following steps in order:

    1) Delete the Facebook app and the game app on your device - please note that unfortunately any saved lives and boosters you have stored on the device may be lost during this process.

    2) Close all tabs in the browser and clear the browser cache

    3) Turn off the device to clear the cache 

    4) Turn the device back on and download the game again from your App Store (but not the Facebook app).

    5) Open your browser and log into the correct Facebook account (through the browser).

    6) Open the game and reconnect it to Facebook.

    7) Once you're connected you can reinstall the Facebook app and continue using it if you wish.

    If these steps don't work then please come back to us- the Community is always here to help!


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