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🌸 Flower babies! Win 10 Gold Bars by sharing a flowery baby name 🌸 (FINISHED)

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How many flowery baby names can we find?

Flowers have always been inspiring: their fragrance, their colors, their shapes...They can even influence the choice of one's children! You don't believe me? Just think of how many names are based on flowers!
We have Rose or Daisy in English, and I'm sure you can think of many others. In this case, other languages are also welcome!
How about Margarita in Spanish or Erika in German?
Comment with a girl- or boy name below. We'll then select 5 random names and credit 10 Gold Bars to everyone who had chosen it. Please remember: the Gold Bars will only be added to your Blossom Blast Saga game!
You have until the 13th of January 13.00 CET to participate. Terms and conditions here. 

🍀🍀Good luck!!🍀🍀


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