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Welcome to the Blossom Community!

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Hi there and welcome to the Blossom Community!

Thanks for coming by, have a look around and make yourself at home. This community is designed for you and everyone else that plays Blossom Blast Saga.

In case you're wondering what this is about, how to behave and where to find the information you're looking for, you're in the right place! You will find below a few useful tips and tricks as well as a lot of information about the Community and the way it works. 

- First, the most important thing: please read the Community Guidelines before posting in the forums.

- Looking for information about the game or how to solve a technical issue? Check our FAQ, the answer is most likely there!

- Still need help? Check if other players have a solution for you or let us know in the Support section.

- You want to chat about strategy on a certain level or what your favorite features of the game are? Express yourself here, in the Discussions tab!

- If you want to know more about the Team and our Superstar Program, please check it all out in our Superstar Corner.

- For how to become a great community member, please read what we have here!

Have a fantastic time here, make yourself at home and feel free to ask anything related to the game.

Welcome to the King Community! 

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