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Hello Witches and Wizards!

Every great Saga needs all sorts of Heroes! 🦸🏻‍♀️

As part of the Women’s Day, Stella would like to take this opportunity to celebrate one of our talented level designers at Bubble Witch3 @Vito_Bubblific

We sat with her and asked a few questions, so sit back and get ready for some girl power!💪

"Hello I'm Victoria level designer at BW3🔮"

. What was your dream job as a child?

As a child, I always dreamed of being a scientist. I dreamed of being known for having discovered something that would change our lives.

. What do you like about being a Level Designer for the Bubble Witch3 Saga game?

What I like the most is that I have the space to be creative and innovate.I like to create things that players have the opportunity to see and that can make them happy.

. What are your challenges as woman in the gaming industry?

Being a woman in any industry is difficult. But, in this case, it can be even more difficult because there are fewer women than men working in the videogames industry

To give you an idea: I studied at the university where I was the only woman in the class. Today I see how a very very big effort is being made so that this difference between the number of women and men working in the industry is reduced.

I hope that one day, whenever a woman decides to study videogames or work in the industry, enters into an environment where there is equality

. Any advice for the women out there wanting to join a gaming company?

Every morning when I start my day at work, I like to think that I am not valued for being a woman, man or non-binary but I am considered a professional . And that's exactly what I like

I would recommend any woman who enters the industry to eliminate from her mind the "impostor syndrome" from her thoughts and focus every day on being a better professional. If you feel that someone is treating you differently for being a woman, please, discuss it with your colleagues so they can support you. The supports we get from our families, colleagues and friends are the most important thing we have.

. Who inspires you and why?

I have a lot of people who influences me to be a better designer day by day, but one of the people who has influenced me the most is Leigh Alexander. She's a narrative designer who made the dialogues of one of my favorite games called "Reigns: Her Majesty". She was an author and journalist, and she decided that she wanted to be a narrative designer despite all the people that laughed at her because of the changes in her career.

I attended to GDC2018, and I went to a talk she gave about the game and about her life, where she also talked about how she wanted to create a game more inclusive for women and made us powerful with her narrative.

That made me think a lot about how can we help empower women in the videogame industry!

We are strong and we can be also strong at videogames, not just the "help" for a man.

If you want to ask her any questions, just comment below!

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