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What Boosters do in Bubble Witch 3? ✨✨

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Boosters are powerful items that help you blast your way through those bubbles and progress through the game! You can win them, or purchase them whenever you want. 

Let's see what these Boosters can do 😉

Rainbow Rush: Shoot a Rainbow Rush at any coloured bubble on the screen, and all the bubbles of that colour will be removed from the screen!


Shooting Star: This Booster will remove any bubble or group of bubbles you fire it at, so if you're missing the color in your wand needed to wipe out a bunch of bubbles - this will be your savior.


Magic Beam:  This powerful Booster will clear a wide tunnel through any bubbles. Point it carefully in the direction you want to clear and all bubbles in its path will be destroyed.


Sparkling Blast: Point this Booster at a bubble and it will clear a circle of bubbles around it.


Stereo Bolt: This Booster will remove the bubble you point it at, a horizontal line of 5 bubbles, and 2 on either side. 



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