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ENDED 🥳Ascending your score gives Badges and Gold🥳

johamilton Posts: 23,216 Bubble Witch Moderator
edited January 2023 in Contests

Lowest Ascending scores could win

Thanks to @LeFlarcane

🥳How to PLay ~ Please read instructions🎆

Play any level, then arrange your score in order from 1-9

  • Lowest to highest ~ 0 (zero) goes at the end
  • You will need two screenshots ~ a 5 digit and a 6 digit

🥳Take your 2 scores and arrange in order from lowest to highest and 0 (zero) is the last number ⬇️

  • Example 5 digit score of 50,765= 55,670
  • Example 6 digit score of 107,254 = 124,570
  • Add them together 55,670 + 124,570 = 180,240 This will be your lowest score

EDITED ~ You cannot use a screenshot twice

🎆Post both screenshots and write in your combined lowest score

🎆 You can post up to 10 screenshots (I will take the lowest score posted)

🎇Only newly played levels will be accepted. No previous played screenshots will be allowed.

 🥳What is up for grabs

Everyone has a chance to win‼️🤸🤸‍♂️

😀 1st place with the lowest score will win 50 gold bars

😀 2nd place will win 40 Gold bars.

😀 3rd place will win 30 Gold bars

😀 10th place win 20 gold bars

😀 2 members picked at random will receive 15 gold each

Also everyone that posts a correct screenshot will receive the "Stella's 2023 Stars" badge 🎇

Good Luck everyone and have fun😀

You have until January 17th @ 10am c.s.t.

For your convenience here is your Countdown Timer for January 17th

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