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What blockers do in Bubble Witch3 ?

LadyRaffie Posts: 4,130 Community Manager
edited September 2020 in Discussions

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Hello Witches and Wizards!

Do you want to master your Witchery skills?

Then let's learn what blockers in Bubble Witch3 do so you can use them in your benefit!

Let's start 👇

Clone Bubble:

If a match happens next to a Clone Bubble, the Clone Bubble (and any Clone Bubbles connected to it) will change to the color of that match. It can sometimes cause trouble, but can also be helpful because other matches may be created as the Clone Bubbles start to change color and create chain reactions.

Black Bubble

A bubble that cannot be matched, but can be destroyed, either by being hit with an orb or a booster. These are pesky little things that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.


Duo Bubbles

These bubbles contain two colors and to get rid of them you need to match them twice!

For example, if the duo bubble is purple and green, you need to match it with at least two other purple bubbles and two other green bubbles to destroy it. It doesn't matter which of the two colors you match first, so start with the color that is most convenient for you.


You can destroy a Pumpkin by hitting it with a bubble of any color. Remember, you can only destroy Pumpkins that come into direct contact with your bubble as Pumpkins do not fall down like normal colored bubbles.


You have to shoot through the leaves to get to the bubbles. The leaves do not block your shots in any way, but they do obscure your aiming line. You have to aim very carefully when dealing with leaves.

Also, the board does not advance until you destroy all of the bubbles attached to a leaf. You can clear leaves and bubbles at the bottom of the screen to allow the board to move up.



The Dubblie duplicates itself each turn, and the cloned dubblie then turns into a bubble. Hit the Dubblie directly with a bubble to stop it duplicating.

Black Hole

It will absorb the first two bubbles that you fire at it, destroying the bubbles around.


Clouds hide the color of the bubble they are attached to, so when you're shooting at a cloud, you won't know if a match will be made. Once you hit it with a bubble, the cloud will disappear, revealing the bubble behind. Creating a match with a bubble that is hidden behind a cloud will destroy surrounding clouds, but only if the Cloud is obscuring parts of the match you have created.



These cheeky little rodents attach themselves to bubbles. The only way to remove a bat is to create a match with the bubble they have made their home. If their bubble falls (rather than being renoved) they will flap their annoying little wings and find somewhere else to rest.

Spider Web

Bubbles trapped in the Spider Web can’t fall. To destroy the Spider Web, destroy the bubble at its center, either by matching it or by using a power-up.


These stone monsters have normal bubbles in their mouths and can only be destroyed when their mouths are open. You can destroy Golems by matching them with bubbles that are the same color as the bubbles in their mouths or by using Power Bubbles. As an added wrinkle, they alternate between having their mouths open and closed each turn, so time your matches carefully.


Ice renders a bubble unusable and the only way to crack the ice is to create matches around it.


These mischevious frogs freeze the bubble they are on after each turn. That bubble remains frozen until you create a match near it. You can remove a Frogsty by matching the bubble it is perched on, or you can disconnect a branch of bubbles and send it into the dark void below.


The Fog Frog is like Frogsty, but instead of freezing a bubble it creates a Cloud over the bubble it is on. You can remove part of a cloud by hitting it with a bubble or making a match next to it.


Suits of glistening armor protect these bubbles. Aim your pointer directly at it to open the visor and reveal the bubble beneath. Only when the visor is open can a match be made with this bubble.

Golden Beetle

The Golden Beetle first attaches itself to a bubble and then carries that bubble to the top of the screen - unless you match it. Disconnecting it from other bubbles causes it to fly as high up the screen as it can.


The Chameleon bubble changes the color of the bubble after every shot.


Honeycomb covers the bubbles underneath it, so they are hidden and cannot be matched. Remove it by freeing the special bee bubbles in these levels.


Slime blocks the bubble it covers from being matched. When you hit the slime with a bubble, the slime is damaged and moves to another bubble on the board.

Now.. we would like to know.. which blocker is your fav? Or which one you don't like at all?

Comment below! 👇

and remember....

May the Magic be with you 💫



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