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When is this issue going to be finally fixed?

Bethh60Bethh60 Posts: 13 Level 2

Well a month so so ago I received my 50++++++ lives, my huge “friends” list and all my extra things back. Well I got up this morning, started playing my game and realized it’s ALL gone AGAIN!! This is total craziness! I have been playing another game for 7 years or so and let me tell you I have never never had any issues with that game nor other games I play. But in the last few months twice I’ve had issues with BubbleWitch2.. What is going on? Give me back my stuff, my multiple extra lives, my “friends” list and my extra things! So tired of this!!! When is this going to finally be fixed? How many out there has gone through or is going through this? It’s frustrating and irritating!

Best Answers

  • mimimiimimimii Posts: 38 Level 2
    Accepted Answer

    @Bethh60 @PrettyBubbles

    hi same issue here lost everything few months ago for it to start working again but on the 8th jan noticed a new update for every thing to go tits up again...no friends no lives nothing!!

    unbelievable how this could all happen again so quickly

    needs to be sorted once and for all....so annoying!!!???

    Accepted Answer
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  • mimimiimimimii Posts: 38 Level 2
    Accepted Answer

    Yeah ano more so when it was working perfectly fine then they do a update then it all goes wrong again....thought updates were to fix problems etc...not in their case does more damage!!

    Probably another few months to try to fix it so have to wait ages to play the game again

    Same here never played through fb which is wat they try say all time MADDENING!!!

    Accepted Answer


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