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Are others still having the “No Internet Connection” issue?

BooksterBookster Posts: 259 Level 3

Hi, I left a comment at someone else’s thread on the same subject but then I saw that it had been “answered” so I didn’t know if replies still got read there?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m having the “no internet connection” problem with BubbleWitch3. When I go into the game I can play it but I can’t access certain things like the Tree where you pick a task to complete and win boosters and also the team thing where you work with a team of four other people to advance in the game. I can’t get into my profile either. Every time I try I see the “no internet connection” message. I tried swiping out of the game completely and going back in. Still nothing. I turned my IPhone off and back on, still says no internet connection. I just checked my other King games and most are having this same problem. I had to uninstall and reinstall nearly all of them which solved the problem except with Alphabetty - that one still won’t work.

I am very reluctant to uninstall and reinstall BubbleWitch3 as I have a lot of boosters saved up and don’t want to lose them. I hope they can fix this soon. 🙁

My game user ID: 2914764791

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