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daisiescan_daisiescan_ Posts: 54 Level 2

The trickers event is t showing up on my game anymore


  • johamiltonjohamilton Posts: 7,352 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @daisiescan_ there are numerous posts regarding Tricksies. @PrettyBubbles as reported this with the studio and is waiting for feedback 🌟👍

    While you are waiting , how about you join our contests and get a chance to win gold or boosters you can always find the links below our signatures 👍

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  • daisiescan_daisiescan_ Posts: 54 Level 2

    Would you care to leave a link because I don’t see anything regarding this

  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 5,447 Bubble Witch Moderator
    edited April 27

    Hi @daisiescan_ This is most used discussion regarding tricksies issues please join here and I will close this one please confirm when you have joined

    Its easier for everyone if we if all join the same thread 👍

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