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I'm playing Bubble Witch 3 Saga on Facebook and none of my friends are showing up?

I'm playing Bubble Witch 3 Saga on FACEBOOK itself and none of my friends/their scores are showing up. I know that they do play this game. In the settings, unlike the mobile version, there is no way to "login" to Facebook, because, obviously, I'm already playing there. Please help!



  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900 Level 2

    When you first add the game there is a page where it ask for permission to access, if you denied any part then it's possible it won't have access to your friends list in order to populate them in your game. You should be able to change it by going the the my apps section and edit. If not you can always remove the game and when you add it again you'll get the permissions list.

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